My name is Mark and I’m a internationally published photographer/director.  I’m 25 years old and if all goes well I’m gonna shoot everyday until I die.  I started my photography career 5 years ago after I tried college.  That didn’t work out to well, so I followed my heart and pursued my biggest passion… photography.  

I grew up in Hollywood, CA with famous and crazy friends.  I’ve seen more at 25 than I will admit to.  I love hot, sexy, nasty grrls.  Love being wit them, shooting them and fucking them.  Next to photography, sex is my favorite thing to do.  I try to use my art and passion to explore both.  

My style is simple, raw and fun.  I’m not into fancy lighting or set-ups.  I do like a little kink in my art.  I interested in the BDSM world, but still haven’t shot that much… yet.  I’m trying to create something different since most photography these days looks the same.  Boring!